Potential deadlock in SWT Display thread...

After installing a couple of plug-ins (most noticably R-Packages), starting KNIME 3.1.2 now takes about 3 to 5 min on my computer (i5 Ivy Bridge, 8G Ram, mechanical HDD, win 7 64 bit). And each time I will receive the "Potential Deadlock in SWT Display thread" warning message in the console window...Thus I decided to obtain a 'clean' log file with just one start-up operation and it is provided as an attachment (warning starts at line 95).

Currently I only operate a local workspace as my internet proxy forbids me to connect  directly to KNIME server within the program. All plug-ins have also been installed from a downloaded zip file. I have Java Version 8 Update 72 on my machine, and also have a mega Python (x,y) installation plus latest R release...

Any help or hint for resolving this performance issue would be greatly appreciated...

I guess you also have an antivirus software running. It seems that those tend to slow down KNIME significantly. You can try adding an exception to KNIME's folder in case you are an administrator on that computer.

(Usually KNIME has no problems with firewalls if you set it up properly in the preferences, you can have internet access from within KNIME.)

Cheers, gabor

PS.: I have not checked your log file.

Hello arclogo,

As gabor said, antivirus software is slowing down the startup significally (we're working on that).

But to rule out that there is a problem with the R-installation: Can you uninstall the R-packages and see if that speeds it up again?

Thank you!