Power BI Table Relationships

Hey All!

I am thrilled by the Send to PowerBI node and how easy it is to use. In building out a PBI dataset though, I noticed that there is no way to setup the relationships between my columns.

As far as I understand, once the dataset is in PBI Service via PUSH there isn’t much we can do with it.

There is an old article out there that shows how the relationships can be managed inside of the PUSH itself : New features for the Power BI Dataset API | Microsoft Power BI Blog | Microsoft Power BI.

Is this something that can be brought into the PBI node, or does it already exist possibly?

If anyone has other ideas around creating relationships between tables in a PBI dataset I would sure appreciate your thoughts!

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Hi @TardisPilot,

I am glad to hear that you like the node.
Currently, it is not possible to define the relationships in the node. We are now discussing this feature and I will keep you up to date (maybe we will manage to get it implemented for the upcoming release).

There is a kind of cumbersome workaround to allow you to create datasets with relations right now. You need to create the dataset with all tables, columns and relationships in advance with the API (Note the “Try It” button on the REST API reference page). Then, in KNIME, you can configure the node to append to the existing dataset.



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Hello @TardisPilot,

in case you haven’t seen it new KNIME version 4.4.0 offers defining Power BI table relationships. See here for more: