PowerBI Integration

Hi Ivan,

This is great news! So happy to hear that relationships can now be defined in the Send to Power BI node! Thank you for continuing to improve KNIME + Power BI integrations. @ipazin




To make this node even better, it’s possible in the future enable authentication using service principal?

I believe that this conector use a push method. The disvantage of this it’s the restriction to improve the model using other tools like tabular editor, ALM etc. It’s also possible to create an option to use Tabular Object Model (TOM)?

Many thanks!

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Hi @rafaelesanto83,

Thank you for the suggestions. I noted them down and we will look into it!

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Hello @rafaelesanto83 ,
we just release version 4.7 of the KNIME Analytics Platform which adds support for authentication with a service principal/application secret in the Microsoft Authentication node.
For an overview of all the new features have a look at the What’s new page. For all the details go to the changelog.

This is awesome, Tobias! Thank you!