PPTX Report: Blue Background Color when background set to "Auto" AND merged cells don't work


when exporting to PPTX, there's a blueish background color (#729FCF) everywhere the background is set to "Auto".

Also, merged cells don't get displayed properly. E.G. I have a 5 column table, the first  and last two columns are merged. In the Report it looks like as if the first two, and the second two were merged.

See the pictures, first one is the report editor, second one is the PPTX.

Anyone knows how to fix this?




can you attach me the workflow? Than I search for the problem.

The color can be attached to all parts of the report, the labels, the cells, the rows and columns as well as the table itself. You could take a look into the XML representation, there the background must be set somewehere...

Best, Iris 

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