predict order number


I would like to predict for example how many item should I order for product A for sale.
Since I want to predict the order number I have to choose column “Order Item Total” as traget column but somehow I cant. And after configuration I cant I keep getting this error:

ERROR Tree Ensemble Learner 4:122 Execute failed: The target column does not have possible values assigned. Most likely it has too many different distinct values (learning an ID column?) Fix it by preprocessing the table using a “Domain Calculator”.

KNIME_practice.knwf (30.7 KB)

Thanks in advance!!
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It would be helpful if you also shared the data with your workflow, but it seems like you want to predict a numeric column. This means you should use a regression algorithm and not a classification algorithm like the Tree Ensemble Learner. You can try the Tree Ensemble Learner (Regression) node instead.
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