Prediction model

Hello everyone! I am new at knime. Was working on tools like tableau, python for analytics and visualization.
i want to design a prediction model on knime. That can predict the sales of next month. based on previous years sales plus last three months trend. can anyone help me with that

Hi @shresti_jaiswal
Welcome to the KNIME community. I think predicting sales or predicting whatever is absolutly possible with KNIME. Take a look at the KNIME Hub, and search for regression model workflow see the examples and get inspired. Or go to the KNIME learning hub. And also with KNIME comes the EXAMPLES server with lots of workflows dealing with predictive modelling.

gr. Hans


There is an example of the prediction of the number of customers to a restaurant using the powerful nodes of KNIME. Maybe you can adapt that:

And also as @HansS mentioned there are lots of nodes and example around. Below are a few links about models for numeric targets that might be helpful. Also you might check out specific time series themes (I do not have a collection of links about that right now).


Hey @HansS @mlauber71 Thanks for the examples. Now I can predict the overall sales. but how to predict month wise sales on the basis of previous two months and previous two years? And suppose that whatever the trend is on the basis of previous months and years sales, I want a hike of 10% or whatever on that for the next months. can I do that also?

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