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I’m using this model Energy Usage Prediction (Time Series Prediction) | KNIME, I need to know how can I predict future values.


Hello Jalvear,

I hope my answer helps you. In the Time Series Prediction and in this case, using Linear Regression Learner and Predictor, we have a target (the cell that we want to predict) and other information (in this case lags columns) that is actually the information that helps us to make the prediction.

On the other hand, we have the “Linear Regression Predictor”. Here we have to give as input the same information we gave to the Linear Regression Learner, but no the target, because this will be the output new column with the predictions of the node.

As an example if we give to the “Linear Regression Learner” node the input: [date, consumption, consumption (-1), consumption (-2), consumption (-3)] where “consumption” will be the target. We should give to the “Linear Regression Predictor” node the input: [date, consumption (-1), consumption (-2), consumption (-3)] then the node It will give you the prediction as output

If you have any further questions please let us know.

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