Prediction of multiple targets possible?


as far as I the training and prediction nodes know the all predict one target. Are there any (native KNIME) nodes that can predict multple targets? I know that there may be R or Python nodes...


Hi Spider,

no there is no native node in the KNIME Analytics Plattform with multiple targets. But I just recently made a example workflow demonstrating how it can be realized. In case you are interested it is on knime://EXAMPLES/011_FlowVarsAndLoops/011010_multiple_Targets (Please note it is only available starting from 3.0 when we changed our example server)

Best, Iris

Hi Iris,

thank, but how can I access "knime://EXAMPLES/011_FlowVarsAndLoops". I tried the "COMMUNITY"-knode in the KNIME-Explorer with the same credentials as in this forum but got a timeout from


TIA spider

It seems that one has to install the "KNIME Server Space" Extension to access server.