Predictive Model - Is there any built in statistical model in KNIME or R?

Hi there, 

I would like to know, is there any built in statistical model available in KNIME or R?

I want to create a predictive model that use to forecast sales figure.






Hi Jim,

KNIME has plenty of learner/predictor nodes available for you to experiment with. I would start with the Linear Regression and the Polynomial Regression Learner, together with the Regression Predictor, available under Analytics --> Statistics --> Regression.

Then you can work your way up to more advanced ones, like SVM's, Regression Trees, Neural Networks, etc.

I would say you have plenty of options already in KNIME without having to revert to R, but should you have that need, KNIME supports a native R integration which you can take advantage of.

Hope this helps you get started.


Thanks Marco, 

Since KNIME has plenty of statiscal nodes avaiable, then can you tell me why do we have to use R Integration. 




As a matter of fact you don't need to use R integration for most of the tasks. KNIME has plenty of nodes, either native or from its Community, for you to work with and cover your necessities.

My point was that if you really need it -- for example because you want to use a special R package -- you can use R integration, but you don't have to if you don't really need it.

Hope this clarifies my thoughts.