Predictive model

Hi guys,

Is there a possibility to build a prediction model with training and test data and corresponding algorithms. the data I have should be labelled according to my understanding or?

Please help me :slight_smile:


Hi @anon33357744,

I had a quick look at your workflow. It’s of course possible to train a model, yet can you be more clear about what it should do? As of now, I just see that you are doing some filtering after a join… Would you mind explaining in a few words what your approach is intended to do? :wink:


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HI @Alec,

first of all thank you very much that you want to help me :slight_smile:
I have an Excel sheet with different information (columns) about transactions. I would like to be able to say in the future whether a new transaction is a completely new constellation or not.


Hi @anon33357744,

so if I may rephrase your intention: you want to train a model which detects whether a transaction fits into the pattern of previous transactions or whether a transaction is rather unusual, right?
In that case, I’d like to refer you to this page, where several data mining techniques to achieve this goal are listed. I personally would try a first shot with an isolation forest (I believe you’ll find it in the Weka nodes), but there are plentiful techniques all having their pros and cons.


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