Preferences file: define the location when starting KNIME


I’m working on a shared workspace between my MacOS and my Windows computers. The idea is to share the workflow easily.
Because of the different platform, is it possible to define a specific preference file for each instance or move the preference file to another location ? Maybe a line in the .ini file to set a preference file at the KNIME analytics platform start ? Or a parameter to set a specific preference file when starting the KNIME Platform ?

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Hi @trj!

Without a KNIME Server, you would have to setup the preferences for each KNIME Analytics Platform you have. However, this is made lot easier with a KNIME Server, where you can a) easily share workflows and b) manage different preferences for your different OSs via your Server-managed customizations.

I hope this helps.

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Hello Ana,

Thanks for your answer.
We have a KNIME server. Can I have a how to for the OS preferences via Server-managed customization ?

So it’s not possible to have a shared workspace on dropbox for example ?


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Hi Jerome,

In short, you would need to configure profiles:

  • on the server side (by setting up folders with epf files in <server-repository>/config/client-profiles ). These profiles can be different for MAC and Win and this way you will achieve OS-specific preferences.
  • on the client Analytics Platform (AP) side by adjusting the knime.ini file or using the preferences GUI. In the Win AP you can pull Win client profiles, in MAC AP - MAC profile. Plus there can be a common base profile if some preferences are shared.

What will happen with this setup is that each of AP installations will pull relevant preferences from the server and use those to overwrite defaults.

The longer explanation is available in the official documentation here.

Let us know if you experience problems or it does not match what you wanted to achieve.

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Hello Mischa,

Thanks a lot for your answer!


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