Preprocessing of data for Network Mining

Dear KNIME-community,

I have a use case at hand in which I would like to visualize a bill of materials (BOM) list. My input data is structured somewhat like this:

The column “pos” represents the hierarchical structure which I’d like to visualize using some network-type node. My first (but probably crude) instinct is to “calculate” an edge table from this column by Java snipped and commence from there. However, I figured this could be a recurring problem - is there a pre-configured/easier solution which I am overlooking?

Any input would be greatly appreciated.


Hello @8mm -

Sorry for the delayed response here. Have you checked out any of the network mining workflows on the example server? For example, this one:*vJDACZji7OWZjtsj

You might use a Cell Splitter node to break your pos column into parts, and then use the network nodes to proceed.