Presto help - Cannot register new jar file

I have added postgres jar files to Knime without any issues in the past, however, I am currently trying to register a new Presto/jdbc jar file and can't.  

preferences > Knime > Databases > New (I select my jar file and click open) > the jar doesn't appear in the "list of loaded database driver files"  -- to make sure there was nothing wrong with the jar file, I tried creating a connection in a different database program and had no problems. 

I dont know what else to try. I hope I can get this working, as this will be the new database source for me and my collegues. Please help. Thank you. 

Have you queried a presto DB in Knime? 



I just tried to load the Presto JDBC Driver 0.166 from:

I loaded the file using the 'Add file' button in the Preferences > Databases dialog.

Once I selected the file I need to wait a few seconds until the driver appears listed in the dialog. Finally I created a workflow with a Database Connector node and verified that I could select the Presto driver.

Note that I am using the latest KNIME Analytics Platform 3.3.1.