Previous knime-workspace not recognised after reinstalling KNIME

Dear All,

I apologise in advance if I am posting this question again, but I haven't found this issue when searching for information in the forums.

I had some problems with KNIME after trying to update, delete and install some nodes. In order to have a clean installation, I decided to uninstall and install it again.

I kept the knime-workspace with all my workflows and data, but after installing the fresh KNIME (exactly the same version) now I am unable to see any of its content: not any of my workflows is displayed in the KNIME explorer. 

Only after doing this unistall/install operation I realised that I did not "export properly" any of them, so it seems that now I cannot recover them again. 

Is there any way I can import / open / recover my workflows again? 

It is very important so any help will be very much appreciated. 

Best wishes,

Kepa K.


Hi Kepa,

There is no need to export your workspace, it should work with your new installation as is. Can you confirm that you selected your old workspace in the new installation? If not, you can go to File -> Switch Workspace and select your old workspace.

If that doesn't work for some reason, you can create a new workspace (File -> Switch Workspace -> Other, and enter new name), and then just copy the workflow folders from your old workspace to the new one.

Please let me know if that works!



Hi Roland,

Apologies in advance for my very much delayed answer.

Yes, as you mention, I was able to access my old workspace without any need of doing fancy things. I was originally trying to access my workspace in another path and of course KNIME was unable find anything. My fault. As soon as I realised it worked.

Kind regards.

Kepa K.