Print output of an interactive view from a component?

In the community edition of KNIME is it possible to print (or resize) the interactive view from a component? I realise a workaround would be to create an equivalent report using BIRT. Thanks

Hello @Mark_Earll ,

yes, this is possible (with some limitations). We recently introduced the new KNIME Reporting as a more integrated and easy to use alternative to BIRT. It basically does exactly what you want to do: Take the composite view of a component and print it to a PDF or HTML file.
Note thought that it is still in the testing phase and does only support the new views from the KNIME Views extension. This blog post describes how it works: . We are actively working on it and there are several updates planned to be released in December.

Happy to hear your feedback.

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@nan Thanks for your quick reply. Thanks I will try that at some point, I assume this is only available in version 5x ? For now I am still running 4.7.7 for compatibility with the community Chemistry nodes. Thank you.

Hi @Mark_Earll,

yes, according to the above blog post:

The recent release of KNIME 5.1 includes a new KNIME Reporting (Labs) extension

@Mark_Earll which Community Chemistry nodes are you lacking?

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