Printing workflows - suggestions for improvements

The ability to print workflows (e.g. to a pdf via a suitbale e-printer utility) is very useful, particularly for documenting workflows.  However, the printing options are somewhat basic, as far as I can tell (if anyone knows different, then please comment!).  It would be really useful to have the following features:

  • a 'fit to page' option, such that the entire workflow is scaled on the printout to fit to the selected page size of the chosen printer
  • a 'print preview' option - so that you can get some idea of what you are about to produce prior to printing (less of an issue if only printing to pdf, but still helpful to have)
  • a 'print all subworkflows' option, such that the all the subworkflows contained within metanodes in the current workflow are printed when the workflow containing them is printed, using the same settings described above (if 'fit to page' is selected, then each on a separate page



We are currently restricted to the printing functionality provided by Eclipse. You may try out the SVG export of workflows and then convert this to PDF (e.g. with Inkscape).