Probability regression in Knime

Hello everyone,

I am doing some regression analysis in Knime to predict the probability of a binary variable. I have a dataset of 3 continuous variables and 1 binary (Yes/No) variable. I have already applied some logistic regression and it works great.

The problem I am having is that I would like to do some probit regression, that is, to know the probability of each sample (or row) to be in the (Yes) area or in the (No) area. Is there a node that can do probability regression in Knime? I'm sorry if the question is very basic, I am new to the software.



I don't think you can do that we the native regression nodes in KNIME. But I would like to point you the R nodes that allow calling R from within KNIME and to an example in R using glm and the probit option:

Thanks for the clear answer Gabriel, been looking for a suitable node for 2 days!!! I will check what I can do with R.