Problem in calling an R package from R Snippet

I have installed R 3.2.3 but cannot call a package (PCAmixdata)  which I have installed from the CRAN.

Every time I run the Snippet I am getting the following error: error in try: ({ could not find function "PCAmixdata"

I have used in R the command: install.packages 

if I do under R the command library (), I will have in the list the packages I have intsalled including the one I want to call (PCAmixdata), but if I call that package directly under R it will say that the object is not found.


It seems that I can sse the package but cannot launch it in R and thus in Knime

Has anyone any idea of what I must do to?

When I open the R Snippet to configure it I do not have the console window and so cannot rune the evaluation of the script , any idea why this is so?

WIth many thanks



Hi Eric,

you first need to install the package once via


Afterwards you need to load the package everytime you want to use it (once per R Snippet) with


However, according to the documentation there is no function called PCAmixdata.

Best, Iris

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