Problem in reading images (both .tif and .lic)

I am having an issue in reading .lic files coming from a leica confocal microscope,
I succeeded just once with one .lic image, but when I tried to read the same image again I had
an error message.

2022-09-18 01:25:40,082 : WARN : KNIME-Worker-0-Image Reader 3:5 : : ImgReader2NodeModel : Image Reader : 3:5 : Encountered exception while reading image: C:\Users\aless\OneDrive\Desktop\RAINER_GULLIVER\Laica\ElaborateLive&Dead\EDL7_set! view log for more info.

I had the same problem in reading a .tif file.

The log file was empty.

I have no clue on how to solve this problem,
I am running knime 4.6.1. on windows 11, using the image processing and analysis extension.

Thank you for the support.

Hi @AlessioBuc and welcome to the community!

Sorry for coming back so late - does the error still persist? I just tried reading in multiple tiff files with KNIME AP 4.6.4 under Windows 11 without any problems.

If that still doesn’t work, do you maybe have a (non-confidential) example image file you can share? Would the knime.log under View → Open KNIME Log also not show more information?

Kind regards,

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Dear Lukas,

So I found the problem moths ago and I corrected it, it seems a problem inside the cleaning up (node 127) and in particular in the Image to Labeling (Node 76).

I am working on .lif file in this moment and is working just fine.

I am sending one of the images that gave me problems.

C1-EDL7_set#2_live dead_hoechst PI sp5.lif - F_z1.tif (1.0 MB)

Thank you for your support

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Hi @AlessioBuc,

great that you corrected the problem! Since I don’t have your workflow at hand, I can’t check which nodes node 127 or node 76 are or what they do. Also, I didn’t have any problems reading in your tif file with a Image Reader Node - do you? Or am I right in assuming that everything works now as expected? :slight_smile:

Kind Regards,

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