Problem in "Table row to variable loop start" used to loop while reading files.

When I use this node and opne the “Variable connection” ath the end, I am supposed to get a path variable which I am supposed to use further. However, in my Knime, this “path” variable is not present and without it, I can’t seem to continue. Anyone has any leads regarding that? Would be really helpful.

I have atatched both the screenshots here.

@Praj_Surendra welcome to the KNIME forum. You first might want to try to reset the whole workflow. Then if possible you could maybe share the example (or a full screenshot of the setup) so we could see where the problem might occur.

Then you could check out other examples with path (KNIME File Handling Guide) and loops (KNIME Flow Control Guide) and see if this would give you additional insights. Please note: there are several sorts of paths variables (local, KNIME-protocol, relative).

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