Problem in using commend to execute

Dear all

I had difficulty in using the command to call knime.

I use knime to call a .bat to solve a problem.So I use two nodes to call this .bat,it's OK.

But if I use comment to call this knime project,there are two situations.

A:If my .bat is very easy. (e.g. notepad.exe) .It's OK.

B:If my .bat is a litte complex.


cd result


It occous an error(You can see it as follow picture):

My knime project:


Are there anyone can solve this problem?Thanks very much.

First check that it is not possible to avoid using the command node? It looks like you are just reading a file, can you do this with the File Reader node?

If not, it looks like you'll need to spend some time to understand why the batch file is failing. I would first move the file to the C: drive and try reading from there. That will eliminate the problem of changing directories. Then gradually debug the issue from there.