problem installing KNIME into my eclipse 3.2 installation

I installed eclipse 3.2 (using the Synaptic package manager - ubuntu 8.04).
I am trying to use the Update function to install KNIME. I put in the appropriate path; the software is found. However, I am unable to install it. I get the following message:
KNIME node wizard (1.2.1) requires plug-in "org.eclipse.pde.source".
This relates to the plugin development module (which I also installed
- and which I would like to use).
I am unable to find this plug-in file.
Any suggestions appreciated. Pardon my ignorance as a new user.


First, I wonder why you try to install the rather outdated version 1.2.1. Besides that, you need some additional Eclipse-Plugins for the Node Wizard to work. Upon installing KNIME via the Update Manager you must also check the Eclipse Update Sites (Europa/Callisto Update Site, Eclipse Project Update Site). Now when the Update Managers requires org.eclipse.pde.source t you click on "Select required" and it should automatically select the missing plugins.
MUCH easier is using our pre-packages Developer version that already contains all necessary plugins :wink:


Thank you, Thorsten. I appreciate the help. I did what you suggested (simply use the eclipse/knime installer from the knime downloads. It worked perfectly. It was not entirely obvious to me to activate the knime 'perspective', but that did it for me. I have not created a plug-in, but that is enough to learn in one day.