Problem: Join A Column from an Excel File to Another Excel File using Joiner Node

Hello. I was trying to merged two excel files using Joiner Node but they are not working. May I ask assistance on how should I configure the Node?

Here is a picture of excel files. I am trying to join the vstream column on sheet 2 to sheet 1

Hello @Civtor86
It is possible, but you need a common column between the two sheets in order to join them and bring the column vstream into the sheet 1. The values in those columns should match row by row.

For example with your data maybe the columns pn and desc are common ?

Another way to do it is with the Column Appender node, so you can “paste” the vstream column into the sheet1, but I think that this would not be correct

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The data on the columns pn and desc are the same values but they do not match row by row.

This is a brute force solution - add an index column to each file and join by that. Remove the index column downstream if you don’t want it in the final file.

On second thought why can’t you join on the Row IDs that the Excel Reader creates?

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