problem loading executed workflow


I have a workflow that I execute in batch mode. It apparently finishes correctly as the resulting zip file and my output files are being creatd.
the zip can be loaded into knime, i.e. It processes the file (I can see the progress bar).
Then nothing! There is no project in Workflow Projects window of Eclipse/KNIME.
When I try to reload it complains that the workflow has been loaded.
This happens on Unix and Windows.
The files are being created in the workflow directory.

How can I view my workflow?



can I send you a recent case of this happing? can you send me an e-mail to whom I should make this data accessible?

It’s about 4GB…

Maybe we could start with a log file? Any interesting parts in there?

I am coming back to this problem, which hasn't resolved itself with time...

The workflow I am looking at is using two of my own nodes and a lot java snippet nodes.

Sometimes I can load this workflow correctly. Other times it doesn't load. I tried running in DEBUG mode during import and was looking for any Exception (java.jang) caught and uncaught. There was no such exception thrown. There is output on the console. There is no entry made in log file. I am using DEBUG in KNIME preferneces and KNIME-GUI preferences.

I am running out of options on what I can test/check, and I really need to know why and which conditions this happens...

Thanks for your kind support,



Can you grep your knime.log file for lines such as:
Loaded workflow from "<some_path>"  with no errors

Not exactly this line but for "Loaded workflow". In fact, it should start with a message
Loading workflow from "<some_path>" (version "2.2.0" with loader class "WorkflowPersistorVersion200")

and end with the line mentioned above.

Could it be a memory problem while loading the workflow? No clue.