Problem Merge 2 tables

hello everybody,

I’m trying to solve a problem but I haven’t found anything on the forum.

I would like to merge two tables containing in the first one numbered addresses and in the second one the names of the authors and the number of their affiliation.

I want to match the affiliation number in table 2 with that in table 1 to assign the address to the right author to obtain the final table.

test 1.knwf (9.3 KB)
Does anyone have an idea?

Thank you for your help,

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This situation calls for a Joiner node. There are a couple possible configurations, but I did this one


Right outer join on the affiliation columns:

Keep only Addresses from Table 1:

Result of the joiner node:

Compare to your final table:


Hi Elsamuel

Thanks a lot for your help.

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