problem of Privot table

Hello, when I use Pivoting node to create a privot table, there always give me the incompleted table. Here is my case, can anyone help to have a look.

The data I have:

A X 1

B Y 2

C Z 3

using pivoting node, the table created is:

A 1

B    2

C        3

how can we get a table in the following format?

     X   Y   Z

A   1

B        2

C             3

Did I miss some in the config of privot node?


See the attached example, though I am not sure about the difference between what you get and what you want.  Is it just a matter of column names?


Thanks Aaron. Your attached project create same table as I did. However, for my case I do need to display the name in both columns. As A,B,C column is always displayed by default config, so, how can I get X,Y,Z included into the table as well? thx.

I see, you want to extract the column headers directly into the table?  If that is the case then simple use the number to string node to convert all of your numeric values, then use Extract Column Header > Concatenate to paste the header and it's rows together.



Thanks Aaron, I will have a try.

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