Problem Passing Pickled Python Objects

I have a workflow as follows:
The first script is:
The second is:
How do I resolve the error “Execute failed: EndVector() takes 1 positional argument but 2 were given”:


@azsb1g19 if this is from the new python nodes the syntax for an object might have to look something like this

knio.output_objects[0] = <value>

Maybe check the example:

You can read about the use with older objects here

For the older node version you might have to check which python version you are using.


Thanks @mlauber71,
I was using the old version.

I tried to use the new version but I’m having trouble getting KNIME to recognise my conda environment?
I have the required packages installed to my base environment:

Which is also the environment selected in KNIME.
But I get this error:

Any help would be appreciated,

@azsb1g19 my recommendation would be to read up about KNIME and conda environment usage. The example has a Conda Environment Propagation node (1|2) that might help you to establish a suitable Python environment

The external ressources provide some additional links to follow if the official Python guide is not enough:


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