Problem reading Excel files under Linux

Hello my friend. Then why I can’t read larges Excel files under knime Linux but over windows I get no mayor problems?

Hi there @hsrb,

  • how large Excel files?
  • What error do you get under Linux?
  • How many memory is assigned on Linux and how many on Windows?



Could you try and employ an R or Python package to import the Excel file and see if that could help.

Also, you could try to use R to store the data in a ‘portable’ format like SQLite that KNIME might then be able to read back in. But like @ipazin suggests: make sure you have the necessary recourses ready. And from my experience more factors can play an important role when it comes to the performance of imports:

  • hard drive (SSD vs. HD)
  • aggressive virus scanners
  • virtual drives and LAN connections (even if the IT guys promise you it would work ‘just like a local drive’)

Do the excel files contain ‘regular’ (table) data or are there large graphics and stuff inside.


Hello @ipazin
How large? 300 to 400 Mb
No error received. Simply the node cant display the sheet selection Tab menu. It stays in blank.
The knime.ini files is set to 12 Gb for both OSs
The knime version is 4.1

Intel i7 16 GB Ram, HDD no SSD

Thanks un advance


Hi @mlauber71
The Excel files content regular data over one or two sheets
1 million rows 100 columns aprox.
Thank you for your response



Which Linux, of which version, which which window manager?

This workflow deals with parquet files but you could use the part where the information is read back into KNIME.

If your data is really large, parquet also might be an efficient way to bring the data back to KNIME.

Hello @quaeler
Linux Peppermint. Ver 10

and otherwise (for example with a very small Excel intake) that dialog view has tabs and tables that are rendered correctly / not blank?


do you see any errors in your log file on Linux? Is the node crashing right at the start? I got it right that you’re using 4.1 on Linux right?

Do you know if the same problem exists with 4.0?


With a small file. Works flawless

Hello Mark
That is correct. I am using ver 4.1 alóng with Linux peppermint 10
The nose freeze right after tries to load the Excel file
Where is the log file???

Thanks for your reply



you can find the log file via View -> Open KNIME log. To make stuff easier for us. Please open that log before executing the reader and delete all entries (CTRL + A -> Delete or Backslash -> CTRL + S). After that execute the Excel Reader node and send us / attach the whole content of the log.

What do you mean with freeze? Does the node show the red-cross or get stuck in the execution state?
Do you use the deprecated Excel reader? Could you please check if the same thing happens with 4.0?


I used both window and linux and there is not any different between these operation systems,
from my point of view, the performance of knime just depended to RAM and HDD and CPU core.


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Hello @natanzi, thank you for your reply.

Hello @Mark_Ortmann,
It opens the config menu, but the sheet selection tab doesnt displays anything. Hence, the node cant be started.
I will take the log snapshot, and post it later.

Thank you for your assistance



please note that I moved everything related to your linux problem to a new topic.


we are not able to reproduce the problem and would really need the log file to get a better understanding of what is going on. It would also help if you could share the data causing this problem with us (if that’s an option for you).


Hello @Mark_Ortmann
Many thanks for your reply.
I let you know that since I reinstalled the KAP, and set up the ini file with more RAM, the problem magically got solved.
Also, since my Linux distro is less resources demanding, I believe that KAP can use more RAM than a Windows 10 OS KAP.



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