Problem Reading XPath Data


I am facing problem while reading the data. Xpath is calling data sequentially and not as per the original xml file

For eg:

  1. (Debtor name: uzma) (debtor reference:123)
  2. (Debtor name: Adil) (debtor reference: “”)
  3. (Debtor name: granal) (debtor reference:678)

So knime list all the debitor name and for debitor reference it skips the empty record and shows 678 in front of name Adil in the output

Can anyone help me?

Hi @uzmashaikh

This topic is 9 years old. A lot has changed in the mean time. I would recommend creating a new topic and include there your current input in a workable format (source xml or a sample, workflow, etc.) and expected output.

I’m sure someone will be able to help you out then :slight_smile:


Indeed, as ArjenEx pointed out, you had replied to a very old topic. I moved it to a new one.

Having said that, can you provide an example workflow with your data showing the issue in more detail?

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