Problem transferring files with different characters

I need to transfer a large volume of files on Sharepoint (400GB). So I created a workflow to do it in parts so as not to do everything at once.
I noticed that it stopped at a certain point. There are files with characters like or ( ), and I believe this has caused the problem. Is there a way to work around this issue?

Hi @Aldemir,
With the urlEncode() function in the String Manipulation node you can convert β€œstrange” characters in a URL to the right encoding (starting with β€œ%”). But you need to be careful, as this also converts slashes (β€œ/”). So what you can do is use the Cell Splitter to split your URL based on the / character, then encode the individual parts using the String Manipulation (Multi Column) node, then add everything back together again using a Column Aggregator node.
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Very good! I Will try this.

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