Problem updating executor to 4.10 - installable unit has not been found


I am updating my knime server to the latest release ( knime server 4.10 and Knime executor 4.1 ) and I get an error when updating the executor:

Installation failed.
The installable unit has not been found.

The documentation says that

If you get error messages when executing about missing “installable units”, make sure that you have provided all necessary update sites.

However it doesn’t tell me how to know the exhaustive list of updates sites I have to give.

Do you know how to fix this?

NB: I am using command lines and I don’t have access to the GUI.

I found the solution in the previous update guide ( )
ie, the lines regarding the big data feature group in should be commented out.

I think this note should remain in all update guides until the bug has been resolved.

Thanks in advance on behalf of the future updaters.

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This is a bug in your current version and cannot be resolved unless you update. But the update fails because of the bug…
When updating, it is required to read through all update guides from the current version until the latest one. You can usually do the update in one step but you still have to read and follow (if applicable) all manual steps.

This is strange because instead of the previous update ( for executor 4.0.0 ) I actually went for the install a new executor.
So I had no reason to look at the previous update guide.

Maybe I’m missing something, the Knime architecture is not entirely clear to me yet.

It’s too bad that you don’t think this note could be copied to the latest update guide.
My own case is resolved but I thought it could help others.

Thanks for your reply in any case!