Problem using parameters

The parameters I am setting using NodeDialoge are not being used/stored.
I have set up a NodeDialog and it is displayed correctly. Clicking “Apply” seems to be working (no change).
After clicking OK and reopening the configure panel the default values are displayed again. All my changes are gone.

I believe it was working before and I only added the following (excerpts):

protected void validateSettings(final NodeSettingsRO settings)
throws InvalidSettingsException {

protected void loadValidatedSettingsFrom(final NodeSettingsRO settings)
		throws InvalidSettingsException {


protected void saveSettingsTo(final NodeSettingsWO settings) {


Here is some add. info:

static final String NOVOALIGN_ExpRoot = “NOVOALIGN_ExpRoot”;
static SettingsModelString createExpRoot() {
SettingsModelString SMSexpRoot = new SettingsModelString(
return SMSexpRoot;

This is all in class Novoalign2_03NodeModel.

I guess I am missing something, but what???

Please let me know if you need further information to help me…

thanks for your kind help.


You should not instantiate a new SettingsModel instance everytime you use it.
In the dialog create a member holding one instance for each parameter you need.