Problem when saving a project


I tried to save the current project using the 'Save as' function in the File menu. After I gave a new name for the project it showed in the local workspace a new item under which a file named 'workflow.svg' was created. This is not exactly what I wanted.

What I am assuming is that by clicking 'Save as' the current project including nodes and data are save into a new workflow project which can be imported later, using the 'Import the KNIME workflow' function.

I am a bit confused about this. Help!


Save As does not work under Windows. It will be in 2.9.1.

I'm not sure if this helps, but you could right click on the workflow in the KNIME Explorer and use "Export KNIME Workflow...". There you have some options, e.g. whether the data should be part of your export or not. This file can then be imported in other KNIME installations using "Import KNIME Workflow...".

I hope this helps,