Problem with connection to Teradata

Hi all

I try to conect to a teradata db via "Database Reader" but always get the following message in the Knime Console:

FATAL Database Reader Configure failed
FATAL Database Reader com/ncr/teradata/jtdgss/TdgssManager

I use the same jdbc connection parameters as with my well working DBVisualizer.

Any help is higly appreciated.


I guess, you have loaded the database specific driver within the dialog!?! Can you please send me URL you have entered, as well as the complete stack trace you get in the KNIME Console View (you need to change the log level to DEBUG in the KNIME preferences before).
Cheers, Thomas


New to KNIME

Have registered Teradata driver but I am getting the below error

ERROR Database Connector Execute failed: Could not create connection to database: null

What do I do?




have you registered the Teradata JDBC driver as described in the Database Documentation page and also selected the driver from the driver drop down list?