Problem with Counting Strings

Hello Knime Experts,

I just used a auto-binner on my timeseries data with the idea to count the number of ocurrences of each bin. 

My initial problem was the following: empty bins would not appear in the count. I didn´t find an elegant way to solve it, so I decided to generate a string-column with all different Bins and concatenate it to the actual data (for result see first table).

However, when I then run the "Value Counter" Node on the Data[Binned] Column, I get the second table as a result.
-> Instead of adding the two individually looking string counts it produced "double bins", which I would prefer to be added.

If someone knows any way to deal with it, please help, I´m chewing on this for 2 days now...


Kindest Regards



Before Counting
Row ID Data[Binned]
Row0 Bin 1
Row1 Bin 1
Row2 Bin 2
Row3 Bin 3
Row4 Bin 3
Row0_dup Bin 1
Row1_dup Bin 2
Row2_dup Bin 2
Row3_dup Bin 2


After Counting (Erroneous "double bins")
Row ID count
Bin 1 2
Bin 1 1
Bin 2 1
Bin 2 3
Bin 3 2


Hi oso91,

Please see the respond to your previous question on the forum, where a solution has been provided: