Problem with Create Temp Dir node

Hi collegues,

I'm currently using the Create Temp Dir node for store some data in a .sqlite database.

After the execution of this first workflow, I can pass the temporary path in which I have stored the data to another second workflow for use them. Everything seems work fine, but after closing and opening again the 2 workflows I have noticed this console error:

Create Temp Dir      2:201:279:279 Did not restore content; consider to re-execute!

And in the second workfow if I try to execute again the console just advices me that the temp path doesn't exists.


That sounds really strange because I didn't reset the first workflow, so the Temp Dir should be still there. And also I didn't checked the checkbox "Delete Directory on Reset".

Maybe did I do something wrong, or have just misunderstood the utility of the Create Temp Dir node?

Someone can help me?


Thanks in advice. 


If you close a workflow all temporary files associated with this workflow - including directories created by Create Temp Dir - are deleted.

Thank you @thor for your reply,

so the only choice of create a directory without delete it after the workflow closing is this one with Create Directory node?

Since I find it quite unconfortable because I can't create empty sqlite database files (with the file path stored automatically as flow variable) such in the Create Temp Dir node. With the Create Directory I have to create them manually before and inside the node I can only specify the directory path but I can't create sqlite files.. is there no way to perform this operation of create empty sqlite database inside knime, storing automatically each file path as flow variable?

As you can see from my example I have to create 2 File Upload node for store as flow variable the 2 sqlite file that I have manually created before.


You don't need to create SQLite files. They will be created automatically on demand. The only thing the Create Temp Dir node does is create a flow variable for files inside the temp dir. You can create this flow variable on your own with the String Manipulation (Variable) node.

Thank you @thor,

I have already started using the String Manipulation (Variable) node and everything went fine.