Problem with DB transaction in inactive branch

Hi all,

I’am using Knime analytics 4.2.3 and having a problem with DB transaction :

I use a DB transaction in a branch of a Case switch. When this branch is inactive, the workflow can not continue after that with :

InactiveBranchPortObjectSpec is invalid port type, DBSessionPortObjectSpec is required.

This Called workflow can demonstrate my problem.

Can someone tell me how to make it works correctly ?

Thanks in advanced,

Thanh Thanh

thanks for reporting this problem. We will look into it.

You could try to use a Try Catch configuration. This has the advantage that it would ‘tolerate’ an error. This example is for Hive database but should also work for other settings:

In this example first there is a check if a column is there and then one brach gets activated:

Also a ‘simple’ if condition could work

Hi @tobias.koetter any update for this one?

The issue is still present in 4.3.2.

Hi ajc,
the problem is fixed with KNIME Analytics Platform 4.4.0 which is available for download.


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