Problem with example 03 "Applying Text and Network Analysis Techniques to Forums"

The mentioned workflow does not run.

The very first node shows this error:
“No entry data.bin in file”

Example 02 has the same issue.

Is there any workaround?


Hi @peleitor -

If you download the data using the link in the Table Reader node, and then point the node to the newly downloaded data, it should work.

For convenience, here’s the link:

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Thanks, that did the trick. Does this mean that KNIME examples do not load the data from the example server anymore?

I think it depends on the workflow. Newer workflows are definitely supposed to include the data and be executable as soon as they’re downloaded - occasionally we have to fix older workflows where, for example, links may have gone stale.

Thanks for pointing this one out!

The same situation seems to happen with these two examples:

  1. 08_Interactive_Webportal_Visualisation_of_Neighbor_Network
    File “knime://knime.workflow/” is missing.

  2. 05_DrugBank_Network_analysis
    is missing.


Hi @peleitor -

I was able to run 08_Interactive_Webportal_Visualisation_of_Neighbor_Network without any problems. Please let me know if you’re still running into issues.

For 05_DrugBank_Network_analysis, you actually need to download the data from the link provided in the descriptive text of the workflow. In some cases, dataset creators may allow us to use their data in our example workflows, but don’t allow us to distribute the data ourselves.

Hello, thanks for pointing that out. I could run 08_Interactive_Webportal_Visualisation_of_Neighbor_Network successfully.

However, 05_DrugBank_Network_analysis seems to have some XPath query issue. Here I am attaching the workflow, which I am running against the full Drugbank database I’ve just downloaded. I think the example should be fixed, as it is very useful in order to explore network analytics capabilities.

05_DrugBank_Network_analysis.knwf (322.2 KB)

Hi @peleitor -

I have updated the workflows under 50_Applications/07_Forum/Analysis_of_the_KNIME_Forum. Thanks again for bringing those to our attention.

Once I am able to get my hands on the DrugBank data, I’ll take a look at that workflow as well.

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