Problem with Google analytics nodes

We're having trouble with the Google API connector node. We can't seem to generate the p12 file correctly. We tried using this blog

But it appears to be out of date. 


Can anyone explain or provide a guide with an explanation of how to generate the p12 and service account email for an account we already own. 

We're new to Knime; any help would be much appreciated. 

Hi Ned


The blog post still mainly works, here are some more links for the service account creation.

  1. Create a new project, by clicking 'CREATE PROJECT':
  2. Wait until it's created, refresh the site. Now click on your project, this will take you here (you can see your selected project on the top of the page):
  3. On the left side you will see Service Accounts, go there:
  4. Create a service account by clicking on 'Create service account'. Give it your desired name.
  5. You will see your service account, you can then create a key for it by clicking on the  dots to the right of it, choose the P12 format.
  6. Now you need to enable the Google Analytics API for your project. To do This go here and press enable:

Then you should be set. I hope this helps.