Problem with grouping

Hello there :smiley: I want to calculate the sum “a” in set. I think about looping, but no idea how to do this. Also I want to check previous number in Column_1. If previous value is diffrent than currently value then increase iteration in column 4. @morpheus give me excelent solution of first part but don’t I have no idea how to solve second part.

I have:
Zrzut ekranu (53)

I want:
Zrzut ekranu (54)

Hi pjacob,

I do not quite follow what you want.
Or how you want the value in column4 to be calculated.
From the javascript you have a counter which increases for each appearence of “ABC” and gives out the counter.

Which column you want to be summed up?
And compared against which column?

Could you maybe give a step by step explanation for 1-4 rows?

Hi @pjacob,

you can use the group by node with column 1, 2 and 4 as group columns. Column 3 has to set to Sum in the Manual Aggregation tab.
If you want to keep the row order in the right manner you have the option to insert the column sorter before the group by node and move column4 above column2.


Demo 1 Demo 2


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