problem with Knime developer


I'm trying to create a new node but i have some problems with the developer version of knime. When i create a new project appear the view of the class All is ok and i can run this class with the example code. Now i need to edit and Into the Knime Explorer under test/src/org/test i double-click these files. The TestNodeDialog appear with an icon of a sheet and a J with no fill that is different of the J filled by blue of the first The paths seem to be different test/src/org/test/ against knime://LOCAL/test/src/org/test/ For the time being isn't very important. Now i have clicked on and appear another istance of this class but with a different path  knime://LOCAL/test/src/org/test/ that isn't runnable. If i close the first view open when i have created the project how can i run the node?

I have tried to acces the static variable CFGKEY_COUNT of TestNodeModel inside the TestNodeDialog but the editor doesn't recognize the istance. Build and clean seem to be useless.

Another problems is that errors aren't signal by Eclipse, only when i try to run the node appear a window that alert me that exist one or more generic error. 

Why i have these problems?



Did you download the KNIME SDK or the normal KNIME version from our webpage? I mean, in the KNIME SDK version you have a so-called New-Node Extension Wizard to create the boiler classes for a new node. That should at least work.