Problem with 'Labeling to RGB Img' Node


I frequently face a problem with the 'Labeling to RGB Img' and the workflow interrupts with the message below.

ERROR     ValueToCellNodeModel               Error in row Row0: -146
ERROR     Labeling to RGB Img                Execute failed: java.lang.ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException: -146

I also attached a copy of corresponding entry from the Knime.log file.

The strange thing is that it is not happening everytime even when using the very same dataset. Also when the workflow stops I can simply restart/execute the node and it continues without any problem. 

What I do prior to this node is to run a CCA, then Labeling Filter, and then I normalize the image I want to use as background in the 'Labeling to RGB Img'. I do this for two different channels in parallel branches of the workflow. There are usually between 500-2000 labels.

I am using Knime 2.10 and KNIME Image Processing Happens on Win7 and Win 2012 R2.

Any idea what could lead to this behaviour/error?

Thanks in advance,







Hi Jochen, this is actually really weird. Can you attach a small example workflow where the problem (sometimes) occurs?

I will try to fix it then!!



Hi Christian,

Would be great if you could have a look, maybe I just do something wrong. I generated a simple workflow that reproduces the problems- please see attached. I will also send you some sample data.

With this workflow I can reproduce the error each time I import it into a new workspace. I know it sounds very weird ;-)





​Hi Jochen,

​found the bug, fixed the bug, building nightly-build. ​Fix will will be available in our nightly build in 45minutes ;-)

Thanks for reporting!!​


Awesome, thank you! Will give it a shot this afternoon.