Problem with Linear Correlation Node


Im using a linear correlation node with an input table with 62 rows and 1072 columns and it doesnt'n work with tis error
ERROR  Linear Correlation  Execute failed: Correlation measure is out of range: 1.0000000113950058
I use this node for, in the next step, to exclude column with higth correlation
What's wrong? How I cam solve this problem?
The attached project simulate the problem
Thank very much


Not sure what is causing this problem but I can see it as well.  It's been logged in our tracking system and I've flagged this thread so you should be notified when it is resolved. 




Thank Aaron,

because I'm using linear correlation for column filtering. I've solved the problem with a nomalizer node befor linear regression.

I think the problem is depending from rounding in math operation with big number.