problem with linear regression learner

dear all,

When i try to build a simple linear regression model QSAR using few variables i find the message  

ERROR     Linear Regression (Learner)     Execute failed: Type CDKCell is not supported by PMML. Allowed types are only all double-compatible and all nominal value compatible types.

but the indipendet variable to "target" is double!!?

Untill the old release 2.3.4 this works well, i do worng something or is there a problem with this node?


You are right, unfortunately this problem was introduced with the extended PMML support in 2.4. Right now CDKCells cannot be handled in PMML. We've just fixed the problem and the changes will be published with the next bugfix release.

In the meantime adding a column filter to remove all columns containing CDK cells before the learner (and joining them later if necessary) is the suggested workaround.  Sorry for the inconveniences.