Problem with loading indigo structures from saved tables

Hi all,

I have a saved table with various data - numerical, sdf and indigo structure. When I save it as a table (table writer) I can read it without any problems (with table reader).


The problem is I can't read this table on other computers. The Table Reader reads table without errors, but I cant see tre read table (the window says "loading port content" and it last forewer). The same situation is on the subsequent knime nodes. Indiog Substructure search doesn't find any substructures in this table (however there are such).


Moreover, I can filter columns in this table to filter out Indigo structure column, and then everything works fine.


KNIME versions on all computers are the same (2.9.1), systems are XP and Win7.


Do you have any ideas how to fix it?


best wishes for the weekend,