Problem with Model in port & model out port

Hi, i have a problem with this ports. When i create a Node that have or a Model in port, or a Model out port, Knime notify me this error:

Output spec-array length invalid: 1 <> 0

Why I have this error?

Thanks in advance for answers

In KNIME 1.3.5 (this is what you are using, I assume?), Model Ports are not
part of the spec/data output created by configure/execute. So you are likely
returning an array in configure which is too long since it includes information
for the model port?

Note that the handling of Modelports will change completely in KNIME 2.0 where
we will allow to pass general PortObjects and their specs, irrespective of their
actual types. This will allow greater flexibility in the types of ports used.

For now you need to consume and provide the model via load/saveModelContent()
and not via the arguments/result arrays in configure/execute.

Hope this helps,

Hi berthold, thanks for the reply...

Yes, i'm using KNIME 1.3.5...
However, i don't use the arguments/result arrays in configure/execute for consume and provide the model, but i use the methods load/saveModelContent()...

This problem persist also if I create an empty project and i imposed one normal input port and one output model port.
The problem disappears only if I add a normal output port...

I don't understand where is the problem...

If your node has only model output ports, you need to return
new DataTableSpec[0] in the configure method and new BufferedDataTable[0] in the execute method.

Thanks Thanks Thanks... this is the problem. In the configure method i had
return new DataTableSpec[]{null}
I removed "null" and the problem is disappeared...

Thanks very much for the help!!!