Problem with Numeric Outliers operator inside workflow deployed in Server

Hi all,

I have a local workflow that works perfectly with this operator, but when I deploy the workflow to the server I get this error message:

MISSING Numeric Outliers 0:376:0:419:0:132:0:123 - WARNING: Node can’t be executed - Node “Numeric Outliers” not available from extension “KNIME Core” (provided by “KNIME AG, Zurich, Switzerland”; plugin “org.knime.stats” is installed)

Any idea?

Can you share the KNIME Server and executor versions that you’re using?



Of course!

Knime Server: 4.6.2
com.knime.enterprise.executor.api version=‘4.6.0.v201804031106’
org.knime.reporting.executor version=‘3.5.0.v201711021646’



Hi there,

I just double checked and the Numeric Outliers node was only added with KNIME Analytics Platform 3.6. That means that you’d need to update the KNIME Server to the latest version: 4.7.2 and the executor to 3.6.1.

The other alternative would be to redesign your workflow so that it doesn’t use the Numeric Outlier node.



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Thank you so much for this info. This time I will try to redesign my wf, but it’s an important restriction to use our server so I’m going to ask my IT department in order to update its software asap.

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