Problem with pivoting and group by

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i have used the attached workflow to group several lists at once, and i believe because of it I am unable to sum or count variables. Can anyone advise? please

I am not sure what you are doing with the path, but I recommend just going to the CSV reader advanced options and adding the path column to the output. Then you can process it later in the flow and skip the looping join.

Another option is that depending on file name / folder location, you may be able to read in a parent + sub folders and filter down to your target files. You would skip the list files/folders and processing loop altogether if that is a viable approach. Just one node.

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I am trying to combine several months under each other. then pivot and sum some variables per month. I also need to keep file name to differentiate between concatenated files

There really isn’t much I can do besides general advice without knowing your input columns and structure and desired output. In general, I always prefer reading everything into a single concatenated table, ensuring that all of the necessary variables are in column form in the table, and then performing a single pivot to alter the structure. I would recommend doing some ETL to get your group months and variables into column format.

You can do the exact processing that you did on the second branch of your loop on the CSV reader path output and skip the looping join. This keeps the file name on each row. That may clean it up for you if you aren’t seeing a clear path forward because of the loop.

Can’t help with pivot settings based on the info here. Would need to see data and desired output or a workflow with dummy data. There isn’t even a pivot in the screenshot, just the file reading loop…

This is exactly what my above post would accomplish in a more simple approach.

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I have x number files with col such these. i need to put them right after each other wiith file name as flag. then apply a group by node per file name

ok thanks. sorry i dind t get you from the beginning. csv reader node was enough


Glad it helped. Those same tricks are available in the Excel reader node as well.

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