Problem with Pivoting node

Hi all,

I can't manage to get the Pivoting node to work. I processed my data using the Excel reader, then Group by and the Excel writer and now I would like to pivot the data (see some test data in the attachment; not all data is included). How do I manage to get a pivot table with the columns like the following (and the data within)?

Order  Text  Sum of KUND Sum Of Foer...and so on

...        ...       ....                   ....

With the settings in Group, Pivot and Manual aggregation I'm not getting any results (except for the Group totals) and in many cases I get an "Execute failed: Java heap space" (I now let the data be written to disc, but yet I am getting the error).


Can somebody help me? It is really simple with Excel, but I would like to try it in KNIME to build the whole workflow.



if I understood your question correctly you only need a GroupBy Node where you group by the columns Order and Text and choose the sum as manuel aggregation for all the other columns.

You can find a small workflow in the attachment solving the problem.

Maybe the following video are also helpful to understand how the GroupBy and the Pivoting Node work:

If I interpreted your question wrong please do not hesitate to ask again.



Hi Kathrin,

Thanks for the input.

I will try it with the information provided.