Problem with running the workflow

Hello people,
I am using KNIME server for the first time.
When I click on my workflow in order to run it, I am getting this error:

After digging down I found error:

        RMI executor could not be started

KNIMEExecutorApplication : Requested RMI port 50100 is already in use .

And my Log file looks like this:

Any tips and/or tricks how to resolve this problem?

Kind regards,

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Hello Denis,

Looks as if you ran into the incompatibility problem of the latest open jdk version with older KNIME server versions: Java update 8u242 breaks execution with RMI executors

Depending on your version you can update your server to the latest build of it, please find update instructions for the 4.10.3 release here:

For older releases please navigate to the right guide starting from the main documentation site:

All downloads are linked here:


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